Cups and Conversation

So excited to bring this first episode of Cups & Conversation! These videos will be some of my favorite things, and encouragement for your day. This video will highlight the Israelites in the Bible and their years of wandering. It’s a reminder of having hope when you feel hopeless.

Welcome to Cups and Conversation Episode 2! God wants us to remember past instruction. This will bring us freedom moving forward.
Thanks for joining me for Cups & Conversation Episode 3! I need this reminder today….that God is carrying me in His arms and He’s carrying you too!
Thanks for tuning in to Episode 4 of Cups & Conversation! Today’s topic is making Jesus a priority, and another favorite cup!
Mommy hood – Delightful & Difficult Part 1
Mommy hood: Delightful & Difficult Part 2 – Transitioning from stay at home Mom to Baker
Thanks again for tuning into Cups & Conversation Episode 7! I have a constant struggle to find the goodness in life’s circumstances, but ultimately I don’t want to limit God’s goodness.
Cups & Conversation Episode 8! My struggle with depression…. Mommy hood & Depression
Remaining Peaceful & Protecting Self care

Thank you for tuning into CUPS & CONVERSATION – EPISODE 10! This episode is focused on the Armor of God and learning how to stand strong in difficult times.
Hello There! I want to make two corrections from my episode 10 video. Take a watch:).
Welcome back to CUPS & CONVERSATION – EPISODE 11! This episode is about the Lord being our Shepherd, and how He cares for you!

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