About Me

My name is Travita and my cooking and baking journey had a bumpy start. I have always loved eating food, but did’t develop a love for cooking and preparing until I moved out on my own. I loved the idea of using the best fresh ingredients and preparing something that was tasty! When I first got married, I could only cook a handful of things mostly prepackaged. However, once I had kids everything changed. I started caring more about what I put in my body, and what I presented before my family. When I had my second child, we discovered that she had a severe allergy to eggs. So it became my internal mission to provide her with things she could eat and enjoy without compromising taste. This is when I discovered I had a love for baking, and preparing things from scratch. I made breads, cakes, & muffins of all different types.

As the children multiplied, it became a little bit of a challenge to keep up with so much baking. So I began to think of ways to put food on the table for my now family of 6 that wouldn’t make me pull my hair out!

I am constantly in a process of thinking up new ways to put a beautiful meal on the table quickly and simply without lacking in flavor!

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