Consistency……is it possible?

Consistently not Consistent! Why is it so hard to be consistent? Maybe because I ultimately want to do what I want to do. Or it seems like a mountain that is impossible to climb. Can you relate? I can’t count the number of things I have begun and stopped. My willpower seems to fade around day 2 or 3. Maybe willpower shouldn’t be where I begin, but rather reliance on the Holy Spirit living within me. I have found it helps to have accountability with a friend or group. That brings the success rate up. Then add in a book or journal for my feelings and I am moving in the right direction. I definitely don’t want to beat myself up mentally with aggressive thoughts like, “Why can’t you just get it together!” or “I knew you couldn’t do it!”. That is NOT helpful at all. Rather I remember the verse in Romans 8:1 that says, “So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus.”. This is the anthem that I want to live by. Not as an excuse to put off the things that are good for me, but rather a verse to propel the negative thoughts away. I want to go 30 days with no sugar and no gluten. Well, 30 days seems so extreme! So I will begin with 1 day at a time. I will let you know how it goes.


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