A Walk of Desperation

A Walk on Purgatory Trail

Being home bound is not for the faint of heart, and I am sure this option would never be chosen voluntarily. The coronovirus has really impacted the entire world including our little corner of it. We have homeschooled for years, but recently decided to put our children in public school here locally. After one exciting week in this new environment, it became mandatory for school to be done at home to better manage the spread of this virus. Well, this is a challenge even for the best homeschoolers. Our very active boys needed to get out, so we ventured out in the rain to a trail on the NC Zoo property. It was raining, but wasn’t a complete downpour so off we went on a little hike. The kids thought it was most exciting, and wish it could have lasted longer. I have found that even in the hardest of times, there’s something wonderful about being outside…..even in the rain. Enjoy your days!


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